Koreans created Chinese characters?

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source: Ou Zhou Ri Bao (Europe Journal), 26 October 2006, page 1 headline
posted: 2006-10-31

An article titled "Ancient Korans invented han zi (Chinese characters) has sparked mainland internet users accusations and criticism. Angry surfers demand boycotts against South Korean products.
From the teaching book named Raising the Yellow River culture (buyu huanghe wenming) to Dragon Boat Show (duanwu shi applying for world heritage, and demanding the change of Chinese medicine into Korean medicine, and asserting that Korea is the origin of movable metal typing letters, the South Korean´s tune becomes bigger and bigger. On cultural topics they are lashing out time and again, and many mainland intellectuals see South Korea as arrogant and aggressive.

This article which sparked Chinese internet surfers´ debate - Chinese characters were invented by ancient South Koreans - was first published on the English-language website of a Chinese language research institute. It says that "old tribes in the East of China were Koreans, who were the founders of the old Wen River estuary culture , of which the characters which are called Chinese characters originated, maybe they were invented by Koreans.", and "at the Bronze age or during the era of the Shang dynasty, invented a different writing system - a writing system coming from the Eastern regions (Altai or nomad tribes), [and] the Korean language is exactly one from the Altai language family.