Who is politicising the Olympic Games?

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Chinese scientists say they are confident the Olympic torch for the 2008 Olympic Games can be taken to the world´s highest peak, Mount Everest, and kept alight there.
And China´s foreign minister Yang Jiechi has criticised "anti-China forces" who were determined to "politicise" this year´s Olympic Games in China.

I don´t think that linking the Darfur issue with the Peking Olympics is right. But the Chinese government is politicising the Olympics, too. Putting the torch on the Mount Everest is a demonstration of Chinese sovereignty over Tibet – and an attempt to justify its policies on Tibet.

What would it take to be a good host to people from abroad?

I believe that being a good host is about making foreign guests feel comfortable and easy during their stay. There are a lot of things that one can do to make that happen. To take advantage of your guests to sanctify your political positions is no such thing.

If I was a promising athlete, I would certainly go to Peking, because I wouldn´t want to miss the chance to use what I have learnt in many years of training. I´d enjoy the experience of competing and making friends with those who are keen on the same sports as I am.

But it seems that for many Chinese people (not only the government), this is not what the Games are about. And I don´t think that the bizarre "ceremony" on the world´s rooftop will make the point it intends to make. Probably, the torch there will highlight what is wrong with China´s policies there, rather than to make them appear in a more favourable light.


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