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The Russians have claimed their disputed share of the Arctic by placing their country´s flag underneath the North Pole from a submarine, the day before yesterday. For two days now, I´ve been waiting for an appropriate Chinese reaction to that Russian claim. As there hasn´t been any yet, I´m making up some news of my own now – it is still waiting to happen.

Zheng He Banner under North Pole

A Chinese Xia class submarine, on an expedition below the Arctic on August 4, has found a banner, attributed to the historical Chinese fleet admiral Zheng He. A spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry says this is proof that China has had rightful claims on the Arctic for almost 600 years. He also accused the Russian submarine expedition crew of August 2 of having stolen two further Zheng He banners from the same place where they had put the Russian flag. This had been a futile attempt to manipulate world opinion against China´s rightful claims on the Arctic, but the Russian explorers had fortunately overlooked a third Zheng He banner there, thus making their vain expedition a complete and disastrous failure.

A renowned Chinese academic explained that the banner has now been examined by his academy and found to be genuinely Zheng-He made. The banner was made of rust-proof titanium steel and has therefore remained well-preserved under the Arctic for ever since 1425. Along with it, today´s Chinese expedition found some waterproof documents written by Zheng He, saying that the Arctic was really China´s, and that the Russians and Japanese should just shut up. In one of these documents, Zheng He also called on all brave and patriotic Chinese students of later times in history to stand up to faked claims on Chinese Arctic territory, promulgated by foreign imperialist powers.

Taking questions from an extraordinarily convened press conference on this topic this afternoon, the foreign ministry spokesman pointed out that China has always known how to make rust-proof titanium banners, and that this was just another proof of the authenticity of the Zheng He flag. He also made it clear that China has known how to build submarines through all ages, and has always sailed the underworld of the Arctic.
Disinformation of Saturday, August 4, 2007
Zheng He under the North Pole, 1425

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